Thursday, February 10, 2005

chocolate sundae snack

the vital statistics exam last wednesday was "overly draining".. an energy draining exam.. it took us more than two hours to finish it. but for me a-more-than-two-hour-exam is not enough to finish the kind of exam given last wednesday... during the exam, everybody was quiet except the sound of the "calculator keys"- and i'm sure everybody was nervous, trying hard to answer all the questions.. at first, i tried to be calm since the exam was all about computations ( which i'm not really good at it ^~^) but then my tension rose up when the teacher announced that we only have 10minutes left.. i didn't think much of the time and there were still questions yet to be answered.. fortunately, the teacher was considerate enough and gave us an extension.. i finished the exam.. but...... i..... failed.. i think... ( *sigh* )

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