Wednesday, May 07, 2008


oh hi. i didn't notice i was away too long to visit and post something in my blog.
oh well, yeah, here it is...

labor day out!! hahaha, my friends just can't stop
inviting me over for a swim.. we met at around 2:30, only few came, still, we
just enjoyed our "bonding" time together.. stress-free, hassle-free day out!! haha!!

we just ate chips and drank some cola.. and ate sliced BREAD!! and it rained hard and we stayed in the pool until the rain stopped.

^-^ i had a great day.


Mylene Grace said...

lalac-chan, you really need to gain more weight. want some of mine? i have lots to spare ;)

misakichi said...

wow lac, where did you go? hehehe

it's nice to see that you're back to blogging again. hope to see you write more often here.