Monday, August 15, 2011

President Aquino's SONA 2011

I have always been behind on what's current in the country and in the
whole world. i seldom watch television and listen to news and other
current affairs information. or i just don't really mind
these things at all.

but being behind of what's happening is, i think, one of the worst things
that could happen to some.. and it happens all the time-- to me.

so i changed my attitude and tried hard to go and see the real world;
and i tried to stop absorbing myself ONLY to my workplace..

good thing that i could update myself in all happenings through the
internet.. it sometimes come in late but i am happy to know and
read updates and etc.. even at school, i can have information about
what is happening lately and i am eager to know more..

i also happen to read the President's SONA, which is one
of the big events in every term of the leader of the country..
while i was reading it,i don't know, but i could not
help crying.

i would like to quote the last paragraphs of his SONA..

here goes: ""Let us end the culture of negativism; let us uplift our fellow Filipinos at every opportunity. Why are there people who enjoy finding fault in our country, who find it so hard—as though it were a sin—to say something nice? Can we even remember the last time we praised a fellow Filipino?
Let us stop pulling our fellow man down. Let us put an end to our crab mentality. Let us make the effort to recognize the good that is being done.
If you see something right, do not think twice—praise it. If you see a policeman directing traffic, coatless beneath the rain—go to him and say, “Thank you.”
If you fall sick, and you see your nurse caring for you, when she could easily be treating foreigners for a higher salary—say, “Thank you.”
Before you leave school for home, approach your teacher who chose to invest in your future—say, “Thank you.”
If you chance upon your local leader on a road that was once riddled with holes, but is now smooth and sturdy—go to him and say, “Thank you, for the change you have brought.”
And so, to the Filipino nation, my Bosses who have steered us toward this day: Thank you very much for the change that is now upon us.
The Philippines and the Filipino people are, finally, truly alive.""


i am very hopeful for all the Filipinos.
there is always transition.
there needs to be change..

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