Friday, April 20, 2012

Being Judgmental..

 I kept thinking about the way I acted in one of my evening classes in the first semester of last year.. I kind of always try to evaluate myself and reflect on my actions.. But was so surprised when I talked to my dad about what happened in my class..

 The teacher lectured on values.. I somehow cannot remember our topic but it was about values. The students around me were not listening; everyone was like doing their own thing, they were as if not having a class. Seeing that situation,(because I felt that I could not stand it) disappointment started welling out.I stood up and spoke what was inside of my mind- telling them how messed up they were and that they were just wasting time in this class.

 One of my classmates walked out.

 At dinner, I told my dad about it and asked if I was being judgmental. And so he answered, yes, I was being judgmental. It made me think deeply..
 I thought about it again over..
  and contemplated on things..
Because I just cannot accept it being told as one. Thought about not doing it again.. Ever..
Even promised myself, to realize that everyone has the right to shine on their own..
 That I should respect the individuality of each person..
 Again, I thought about this point over and over.. Am I too strict?
 Or rather, am I too restricting? of myself? of others? hmmmmmm,

 "We should not deny other people the opportunity.."

 Maybe if that person is responsible enough..?

 "Don't go on remote control."


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