Thursday, May 20, 2004

..two beautiful nights with beautiful days...

i went to my friend's house (pochie who's gaga over LBH) to return all her vcds that i borrowed. after i got there, we had a chat and a little drink.. then before going home, she let me borrowed one korean series with 24 cds. the title was "BEAUTIFUL DAYS". at first, i really don't have any idea about the whole story. yet, i brought it at home and started watching the next day.. my goodness! i was captivated by the first episode that i couldn't afford not to watch the rest of the cds. i stayed in my room the whole day, without thinking of eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.. (*tsk*) the first two episodes made me cry that i got more curious of what's the rest of the story about.... my! my! it was really touching.. i stayed up late in two nights crying and laughing with all of the characters in the story just to finish everything.. *sigh* i fell in love again.. c: i fell in love with the story.. with LEE BYUNG HUN as the "handsome crown prince"- he's cho-cho charming.. nice body built *-*,and with CHOI JI WOO as the "handsome crown prince's darling..",for me, it was a great combination..i even imagined myself as the "handsome crown prince's darling"... hahahahahahaha.... nothing's wrong with it anyway... after watching it all, i decided to do some "episode-review".. watching again my fave episodes.. it was worth my time!!! ^-^ the drama isn't just about "WHAT IS LOVE?".. what is love anyway? ^-^ it also showed some "harsh realities" of dealing life.. but the love story itself is indeed beautiful.. i express my gratitude to p-sama.. (thanks a lot*-*..) im not really that good in expressing what i feel.. although this may be just one "story", i enjoyed watching it, no, i love it!!

what is love...?

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