Thursday, June 17, 2004

"tagaytay trip"

we went to tagaytay city last may 29-31 for a leadership training seminar. 17 soka gakkai international-philippines ywd members (including me) from cagayan de oro city traveled together by ship, left for manila last may 26.. until now, the memories that we had created back there in tagaytay still lingered in mind.. i enjoyed a lot.. especially the place.. i was awed because the place was really beautiful and relaxing... we stayed at the sgi grand culture center and around it was the picturesque view of taal volcano..

these are my friends.. unfortunately, i wasn't able to join them in this picture.. but i just wanted to show part of the magnificent view around the culture center..( please look can see taal lake..)

i didn't just enjoy the place but i also learned a lot.. the things i learned are the things that i can really apply not just now but for a lifetime.. thanks so much for the ywd leaders from manila.. they were really encouraging and they gave very great lectures.. " a leader must be strict of himself but gentle on others.." and there's more, i couldnt forget the food.. the food tastes great and also brewed coffee.. (hmmm,you really get to crave more from it..)

but here's one pic where i'm in.. a friend shared this one to me.. this picture was taken during our "amusement activity.." one member told me to dance, but i already reminded her that she can let me do anything except to dance.. unfortunately, during our group presentation, she asked me to... but i didn't.. and the presentation went on... (of course, without me dancing pamela wan.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...)

so what else?... yup, we left tagaytay by may 31.. geez, i missed the place.. we arrived home june 2.. geez, still there's no place like home..


i spent my birthday on the ship.. last june 1st..

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