Tuesday, June 22, 2004


i visited a friend today.. it has been a while that i we haven't talked or even said "hi".. it's not just a while rather it has been a long time.. well, the recent encounter with her was a little bit awkward.. but i felt good to be able to talk with her again... what happened between us anyway? well, it was sort of tragic..if i will write it here, it wouldn't be good to dig up something from the past that's supposed to be forgotten. i wish i had real powers.. if i have the power to change the past, i would like to go back to the day that "something" happened to us and prevent it from happening.. could it be that i am regretting? or maybe, i'm just really bothered.. even now, it's still hard.. i also have this fear.. unexplainable fear that i really want to overcome.. how? should i talk it with her? i really couldn't decide on what to do.. but i was thinking of talking it out with her.. *sigh* i want to start fresh over.. i really want to..

anyways, i went to pochie's (my special friend) house.. i stayed and we talked on serious things. i liked staying in her room..it's so comfortable... well, pochie and i have something in common and we also shared a lot of things.. so i like talking with her about anything.. it was really worth my time staying with her for a few hours.. but i have to go home since i have to be early at school the next day.. thanks poch! *-*

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