Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"my first hospital duty"

yesterday, i spent the whole day thinking and preparing for my first hospital duty.. what's it going to be? i felt a little bit anxious about it since it's going to be my first time ever...well, i've been hospitalized many times but now it's different.. i'm not the patient anymore.. i'm the student nurse... i watched a few episodes of jdorama before i slept( i just can't helped it...) but i just couldn't sleep well after... hmmm, i slept for only two hours and woke up at 4am this morning... it's not that i'm totally excited but i made a promise with my classmate that we'll go together to the hospital and meet at exactly 6am. i couldn't face the shame anymore since i'm always late with every appointments that i made with the classmate that i'm going to meet. so i made it at exactly 6am this morning!! and my classmate was late!!!!! hahaha.... i tried not to get angry since i made her feel so many times.. (good for me!!) so we arrived at the hospital just in time- 6:45 our "assembly time". however, we waited for our clinical instructor for an hour and thirty minutes... (so much for being so early!!) anyways,we were given our assignments right after she arrived and i was assigned to room number 206 with a "muslim" patient.. (sorry... ) at first, i felt hesitant.. oh, what should i do?.. well, all we have to get is the TPR.. yeah, the TPR... i took a deep breath before going inside my patient's room.. and even projected a smile and voila!- a little girl , 2 years of age, cried just as i came in!! my goodness.. she got scared of me!.. she thought i'm going to prick blood from her finger (whatever it is) so i tried to calm her down... and yeah, i managed!! whew! and it took me time to do my assessment.. i find it difficult.. but i tried to finish it all.. i did.. but not with so much honesty... ( i don't want to mention it...) it was an enjoyable experience for me.. five hours stay in the hospital once a week, there's more that i should look forward to... and so, i finished my chart graphing and presented it to my clinical instructor and just can't wait to go home... geez, i never thought it would be this way.. it's not easy gyud.. it's not really easy gyud.. i couldn't help thinking about what's going to happen soon.. soon?... but i should make it happen and do my best always.. i still have a long way to go.. i couldn't afford to make the same mistake twice.. ahhh, fighting!!

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