Saturday, November 27, 2004

"the never ending love story.."

....what's hot these days? - yeah, the "lovers in paris" korean series dubbed in tagalog...i really haven't seen much of it but some of my classmates were really very excited- make that- SERIOUSLY INLOVE with Park Shin Yang... i have seen some of Park Shin Yang's movies. and i think he's a good actor.. flexible one- only that... so i really couldn't appreciate the series yet but im sure it's going to be VEeeeeRY interesting.. well. pochie (akong frend) told me not to watch it yet... so im not watching it now... however i've been hearing a lot of "noises" about "the never ending love story" of each episodes... geeez, i'm trying not to hear them, but it can't be helped.. i won't spoil it myself though i'm really eager and couldn't wait to watch it.. sooo, when will it be? soon... very soon....

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