Tuesday, January 04, 2005

korean series...

december 18 last year was the last day of school before the start of our christmas break.. i couldn't wait for it since i was so excited to stay at home and watch and watch and watch and watch new korean movies and korean series.. well, i have watched some korean series and to name a few:

> BEAUTIFUL DAYS- my first korean series.. starred LEE BYUNG HUN and CHOI JI WOO.. i'm really inlove with this series.. it's worth staying up late and shedding tears.. (^-^)

> WINTER SONATA- i'm not sure if it's the second series that i've watched, anyways, BAE YONG JUN is very handsome and being paired up with CHOI JI WOO= they look good together.. still, CHOI JI WOO and LEE BYUNG HUN in BEAUTIFUL DAYS, is still number one for me.. (*-*)

> SUMMER SCENT - ahhh, this series made me fell in love with SONG SEUNG HUN- he's very cooooool here paired up with the very feminine SON YE JIN.. it's about destiny..

> ALL IN- well, second to BEAUTIFUL DAYS, this series is very impressive.. all the actors are great,basta, it's very impressive.. LEE BYUNG HUN and SONG HE GYO are quite a pair. (*-*)

> ATTIC CAT- KIM RAE WON and JUN DA BIN, nice pair up in here..(*-*) KIM RAE WON sometimes looks like JERRY YAN (f4).. hehe.. JUN DA BIN played her character well...i watched this series together with my mom for the first time.. we tried to finish it the whole night and the next morning and the next night.. she can't wait to watch another series again..

> SUCCESSFUL STORY OF BRIGHT GIRL - JANG NARA and JANG HYUCK (?)= a very nice couple in this series.. i don't know what to say anymore..

> SANG DOO! LET'S GO TO SCHOOL!!! - was a bit confused of the opening of the story.. but in the later part, im more interested with BORI, SANG DOO'S daughter.. very touching story..

LOVE LETTER= it's a nice story.. hehe..

> ROMANCE - [actually, the series mentioned above were from pochie.. im very grateful that she let me borrowed all]. (thanks poch.. thank you very much.. im very lucky to have you... 0(-.-0) this series is the first ever series that i bought.. the stars KIM HA NEUL (my favorite korean actress) and KIM JAE WON, they did good here.. to those girls who have bfs 6 years younger than them, try to watch this one!!


and lastly... for the PERFECT PAIR...
LEE DONG GUN and HAN JI HYE in... SWEET 18....

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