Thursday, April 28, 2005

summer class

i have summer class for six weeks.. i'll be spending my 6 long weeks studying. yeah,'s been 3 weeks from the start of my summer classes.. only 3 weeks more to go before summer ends.
i've been tied up with everyday quizzes- short quizzes and long quizzes- so i study a lot.. well, even though the schedule is a little bit tight, i have been learning a lot of things about nursing. in our ncm 100 subject, our clinical instructor discussed about the nursing process- how to assess patients. {really very interesting. however, i feel a little bit anxious- maybe the feeling is whether i can do it or not.. but there is no turning back.. that's why i should never give up.} there are also highly technical terms. (at least now, i've been able to memorize the 12 cranial nerves.. which i supposed to have it memorized in my anatomy class.. sorry!) he's very practical and a very good teacher, i think.. ( and he's good looking,too! hehe. joke! joke!)
another is my microbiology subject.. very interesting... i like the subject... (survival of the fittest..) even how comprehensive the long quizzes, i'm learning to change my study habits...

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