Monday, May 02, 2005

...Inside the world of girls inlove…

What’s in a boy and girl relationship? One might say that there should be “love”.. “I love you… and I love you”; “do you really love me?”; “prove to me that you love me”- these happen to be “powerful words” of expressing “love”.
What is love anyway?… well, it could be something like “this” for someone, and like “that” for other someone and “should be” for somebody.. Whatever it is, it usually depends on the “love” of a person.. anything can be ideal… Confusing, right?
They say girls are faithful when they love.. That is why, they cry and hurt the most when guys leave them for “other girls” or for good.. others may resort to more serious acts of “ending” one’s life.. however, wrong or not, it can happen to guys, too.. (or does it not?..)
How do girls love? It’s only either they like the guy too much or not too much.. and from there is the start of complications--- inside the world of girls inlove…
Consider the following situations:
Situation 1: For four years, a girl and a boy seemed happy with their relationship… and it happens, the boy found a new girlfriend before breaking up with the girl.. naturally, the girl was hurt and told the boy “it’s over..” . worse, the boy didn’t say anything and just displayed a let it be attitude.. so the girl and the boy broke up.. and it ended up with the girl crying the most..
Situation 2: For seven years, a girl and a boy seemed satisfied with their secret relationship. The girl likes the boy so much and vice versa. Then it happens that the boy left her for another girl and got the girl pregnant without a formal break up with the girl… and it ended up again with the girl crying the most..
Situation 3: A girl happens to like this boy very much.. and tried to do things to get the boy’s attention… but the boy just doesn’t like her.. the girl tried a lot of things just to please the boy, and then the boy found out that the girl likes him, but no reaction at all.. so the girl continues to get closer with the boy….. suddenly, she found out that the boy got a girlfriend already.. and it ended up again with the girl crying the most..
Situation 4: A girl really wanted to have a boyfriend.. but just couldn’t find one.. there are guys who seem to like her, but she just doesn’t like any of them.. the girl wanted to fall in love naturally.. and the guy that she wants to fall in love with hasn’t arrived yet..
And it ended up with the girl sighing the most..

Situation 5: A girl who happens to have a boyfriend.. and tried to find another boyfriend.. and befriended another guy and become her boyfriend.. and so on.. something like hitting as many birds with one stone.. and it ended up with the girl envied with others girls… (how can she do that?!)
These situations are just one of those hundred situations in the world of girls in love.. and as always, the girls are the ones who cry a lot at the same time could easily justify their actions.. being in love is a really nice feeling and sometimes we can never really tell until we experience being in love.. girls appreciate most “sweet gestures”, kisses, cards, flowers, etc.. and throw them away if something awful happens.. but what does a girl dream most? Well, only a girl knows what’s best!

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