Monday, May 09, 2005

".....would like to ask him some stupid questions like "how do you know a genuine love from a love that is not?" and "boys will alwaya be boys... yes... but how do you reconcile that with girls will be girls?"

you will be able to know that love is genuine if you you would no longer be thinking of yourself, you would be willing to sacrifice your own happiness for the person you love, you also do stupid things which you don't normally do like "inserting your shirt for the first time after 9 long years" ;p, you also begin to watch those sappy corny love story movies that you used to hate before, when you're together with her you seem to paced your steps with her even though you don't usually walk that slow, before parting always look back once in a while and at the same time going your way, you hit each other with a friendly "slap", and you also begin to hum those "gross" love song classics (eewww), sometimes when you just see her you just got something in you that you wanna bite her shoulder (nanggigil) and many many more. this is based through experience... mark

so, it's basically the idea of expanding one's love feeling.. real love is when you are not selfish is when you are not in the so called "in love" feeling. (is that it?) everyone has his/her own love-love concept.. what is ideal may not apply to everyone.. and as to girls will be girls- well, men can never live without women! pchan

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