Monday, May 02, 2005

from mark...
first and foremost, when it comes to relationship, guys don't or never really count the time that has been spent on a relationship, what usually matters to us is the quality of the time spent with the girl whether it be months or years. now we proceed with the question "what then is quality time?". the answer is it depends, it may be the time when you both had an arguement wherein it reached to the point that you're both about to give up and then suddenly by a twist of faith one of you just had a changed of mind and decided to save the relationship; situations like this would really result to strenghtening your bonding. another example also would be in times when all the world is against you however you still stood by each other no matter what the consequences maybe.
"after 7 years together you're just going to throw everything away?!!!! grrrrrrrr". have you girls also asked yourself why the guy actually did this, maybe you've been cold over the last previous weeks or you may have been very busy over some useless activities which actually made us think also that we are no longer one of your primary concerns (yes KSP ang mga guys) and take note also that it is really never easy for us just to let go of a relationship, we are very aware that we are not handling things but handling humans that have feelings(maybe not all of us). but we are just considering a simple fact that if we are going to settle with the girl, she better be the right girl or we will be damned for all eternity spending the rest of our useless miserable lives with the wrong person, it's like a domino effect, when you're with the wrong person everything else also would be wrong like you're always on a foul mood, you seem to be living an empty life, your job sucks and finally it may even reached to the point wherein we are seeing a viscious evil hag in front of us where instead we should be seeing our bestfriend, our princess, our queen, our other half or the center of our universe. if we will stick to the basics Boys will really be boyz and alwayz be immature but our love is always genuine, it's just that most of the times it's the girl that changes and literally chokes us up.

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